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And if he succeeds, who will save Pete from his massive crush on Callie Midwood? Language eng. Extent pages. Isbn Library Locations Map Details.

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Layout options: Carousel Grid List Card. Include data citation:. Rash's spot cartoons are entirely in sync with the story's goofy, metafictional humor and deliver many jokes themselves, making the novel read like a distant action-oriented cousin to the Wimpy Kid books. Ages 9 Death Troopers: Star Wars. Red Harvest: Star Wars.

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Game Over, Pete Watson (Hardcover) | Left Bank Books

Joe Schreiber. Andy Rash. Fantasy Adventure. When videogame obsessed Pete Watson discovers his dad is not only a super-spy but has been kidnapped and is now trapped inside a video game, he has to use his super gaming skills and enter the game to rescue him.

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Will he be able to save his friends and family and the entire world from giant mechanical cockroaches and a massive cyber attack set to take down the world's network? And if he succeeds, who will save Pete from his massive crush on Callie Midwood? Videos All Videos 1 Listing Videos 1. Editor reviews 1 reviews. Game ON!

March 26, Overall rating. Ever the quick thinker, he hauls junk out of the basement and has an impromptu garage sale. When he goes off to the store to buy the game, he sees his father kidnapped in front of him, and when the president appears on television spewing nonsense, Pete is informed by neighbor and retired teacher Mrs.

Pete's mother doesn't believe him that his father has been kidnapped, and sends him off to a birthday party at his friend Wesley's. Wesley's dad also has a CommandRoid, and the boys along with three other friends and Wesley's sister try to figure out what is going on. Too late, though-- they get kidnapped by the bug man and Wesley's father and taken to GameCon, where the men plan to release Brawl-a-Thon SuperMax as a multiplatform download and infect all of the computers in the world.

Pete's father has already been "digitized" and is a character in the game, and when he realizes that time is running out, Pete also gets digitized in hopes of saving the world from mass destruction. I loved this because it is just the sort of book for middle school boys I've been looking for and not finding! This is a notebook novel about video games that has lots of action and adventure. Excuse me while I go preorder five copies out of my own pocket for my library, since they will never be on the shelf!

Really, this is pure brilliance, right down to the cover that looks like that video game with the blocky swimming pigs. Minecraft, my daughter tells me. I love Pete's single minded focus, and I especially love Mrs. I want to be Mrs.

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Wertley, who at last sighting was "traveling with a rogue syndicate of retired teachers who have turned to high-tech computer crime to fund their international travel. Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you?


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