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  • Josephus, the first-century Jewish historian who wrote about Jesus.

At that point, Vespasian released Josephus from his chains, and Titus was put in charge of the siege of Jerusalem. Again, Josephus took on the mantle of the prophet, imagining himself as Jeremiah, counseling the besieged occupants of Jerusalem to submit to the great power:. But Zedekiah was moderate compared to your leaders!

Helping a New Generation Build a Lasting Faith

Jeremiah shouted out that God hated their sinful behavior against Him, and would be taken captive unless they surrendered. But neither the king nor the people put Jeremiah to death. But you! You are furious at being reminded of your crimes which you commit day after day! Titus brought Josephus to Rome, where he lived the remainder of his life. Vespasian granted Josephus Roman citizenship and provided him with a pension and a large estate in Judea.

During the reign of Titus, Josephus composed the JW, which begins with the war against Antiochus Epiphanes and concludes with the fall of Jerusalem book 6 and its aftermath book 7. JW was written under imperial sponsorship, and so it is not surprising that blame for the tragic destruction of Jerusalem is deflected from the Romans.

Instead, responsibility is placed upon progressively worse Roman administration of Judea, which encouraged a small group of reckless Jewish revolutionaries and did not quell the simmering ethnic tensions. AJ , which was probably written under Domitian in the 90s, presents a defense of Judaism, attesting to the antiquity, wisdom, and purity of Jewish tradition. Based on the arguments that Josephus makes, Justus apparently accused Josephus of causing rebellion against Rome in Tiberias, and of having behaved like a brutal, greedy tyrant.

The Wars of the Jews, by Flavius Josephus (1/3) - 2017

A history in which one of the main historical characters is actually the author is rather strange, and raises the question of whether the historian is overemphasizing or distorting his own role. From a literary perspective, beginning JW well before his own arrival on the scene allows Josephus an opportunity to establish his reliability as an historian.

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How the Jews Lived in Jesus' Time

A specialist in Jewish history and thought, he is the author of several works, most recently Torah from the Years of Wrath The Historical Context of the Aish Kodesh. His online lectures in Jewish history are available at henryabramson. View all posts by Henry Abramson. Posted on February 27, February 27, by Henry Abramson. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply. London: SPCK, Coverage of the War includes occasion, method not dependent on Roman sources , and historical reliability.

For the later Antiquities volumes, he highlights influences from Hellenistic historians. Thackeray, Henry St. Josephus: The Man and the Historian. New York: Ktav, These lectures functioned as the main textbook for more than fifty years. Antiquities was padded to match the twenty volumes of Roman Antiquities of Dionysius. In spite of views that now seem eccentric, concerning slave ghost writers, the lost Aramaic, and the Slavonic Josephus, this remains a classic.

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Flavius Josephus, | SpringerLink

Already a member? Publications Pages Publications Pages. Subscriber sign in. Forgot password? Don't have an account? Sign in via your Institution. Sign in with your library card. Introduction When scholars speak of the history of Judaea in the early Roman period, they invariably depend on the work of Flavius Josephus.