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Sinfonia Grave Adagio - Andante. Gavotte 1 - 2. Passepied 1 - 2. Adagio ma non tanto e dolce. Menuetto 1 - Trio. Menuetto 2 - Trio.

Andantino - Presto non assai, ma con sentimento. Con moto - Un poco meno mosso. Andante, un poco adagio. Andante con moto - Allegro. Improvisation; Tempo rubato - Espressivo. Modal Blues; Tempo di Blues. Sempre piano e molto tranquillo. Mein liebster Freund hat mich verlassen. Ich geh' jetzt auf die Weide.

Mozart ‐ Die Zauberflöte, K 620∶ Act I, Scene XV No 8 Finale “Zum Ziele führt dich diese Bahn” Tamin

Befraget nich ein zartes Kind. Guten Morgen, Herr Colas. Wenn mein Bastien einst im Scherze. Aha, das ist es also. Auf den Rat, den ich gegeben. Bastienne, schnell doch hinein. Es freut mich, dass du endlich. Du sagst mir eine Fabel. Diggi, daggi, schurry, murry. Er war mir sonst treu und ergeben. O, ich sehe schon. Dein Trotz soll mich nicht schrecken. Und sollte ich wohl ein Narr sein.

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Seht, nach Sturm und Regen. Una donna a quindici anni. Welche Wonne, welche Lust. Kommt ein schlanker Bursch gegangen. Tornami a dir che m'ami. Il dolce suono mi colpi di sua voce.

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Tutte le feste al tempio. Volta la terrea fronte alle stelle. Les fleurs me paraissent plus belles. Son pa bereshku hadil Slumber steals over the bank. Eccomi in lieta vesta - Oh quante volte.

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Quando me 'n vo soletta per la via. Oh mio babbino caro. Ah tardai troppo - O luce di quest'anima. Sul fil d'un soffio etesio. Mein Herr Marquis, ein Mann wie Sie. Spiel' ich die Unschuld.

Mein Liebster ist so klein. Nun lass uns Frieden schliessen. Tretet ein, hoher Krieger. Largo assai ed espressivo. Andante un poco mosso. The two lovers see one another for the first time and embrace, causing indignation among Sarastro's followers. Monostatos tells Sarastro that he caught Papageno and Pamina trying to escape, and demands a reward. Sarastro, however, punishes Monostatos for his lustful behaviour toward Pamina, and sends him away. He announces that Tamino must undergo trials of wisdom in order to become worthy as Pamina's husband.

The priests declare that virtue and righteousness will sanctify life and make mortals like gods " Wenn Tugend und Gerechtigkeit ". The council of priests of Isis and Osiris , headed by Sarastro, enters to the sound of a solemn march. Sarastro tells the priests that Tamino is ready to undergo the ordeals that will lead to enlightenment.

Tamino and Papageno are led in by two priests for the first trial. The two priests advise Tamino and Papageno of the dangers ahead of them, warn them of women's wiles and swear them to silence Duet: The three ladies appear and try to frighten Tamino and Papageno into speaking. Seeing that Tamino will not speak to them, the ladies withdraw in confusion. Monostatos approaches and gazes upon her with rapture. In response to the Queen's questioning, Pamina explains that he is joining Sarastro's brotherhood and she is thinking of accompanying him too.

The Queen is not pleased. She explains that her husband was the previous owner of the temple and on his deathbed, he gives the ownership to Sarastro instead of her, rendering the Queen powerless This is in the original libretto, but in modern productions, it is usually omitted, making the scene with Pamina and her mother shorter. She gives Pamina a dagger, ordering her to kill Sarastro with it and threatening to disown her if she does not.

Monostatos returns and tries to force Pamina's love by threatening to reveal the Queen's plot, but Sarastro enters and drives him off. Rondo in F, K. Fantasia in D minor, K. Sonata in D, K. Mozart - Symphony No. Andante First Version 3. Menuetto - Trio 9. Andante 9'53 3 III. Allegro vivace 10'38 5 II. Andante cantabile 9'52 6 III. Allegretto - Trio 3'23 7 IV. Wind Music Holliger, etc. Historic Recordings Furtwangler, Klemperer.

FOLIO: Die Zauberflöte, K620

Guillaume Dufay - Complete Secular Music http: Ce jour de l'an voudray joye mener 3 voices, flute, gittern, fiddle 2. Entre vous, gentils amoureux 2 voices, fiddle 3. Resvellies vous et faites chiere lye 3 voices, recorder, 2 fiddles 4.

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L'alta belleza tua, virtute, valore 2 voices, shawm, lute, rebec 7. Helas, et quant vous veray? Je donne a tous les amoureux voice, dulcian, lute 9. Je veuil chanter de cuer joyeux 2 voices, lute Mon cuer me fait tous dis penser 4 voices Je requier a tous amoureux voice, dulcian, gittern Resvelons nous, resvelons, amoureux 2 shawms, trumpet Invidia nimica voice, gittern, rebec, fiddle Ma belle dame, je vous pri 2 voices, lute Pour ce que veoir je ne puis 2 voices, dulcian, gittern, rebec Par droit je puis bien complaindre et gemir 2 voices, 2 fiddles Belle, que vous ay ie mesfait flute, gittern, fiddle Se madame je puis veir voice, dulcian, lute Belle plaissant et gracieuse 2 shawms, trumpet 2.

Ma belle dame souveraine 3 voices, dulcian, gittern, rebec, fiddle 3. Helas, ma dame, par amours recorder, lute, rebec 4. J'atendray tant qu'il vous playra 3 voices 5. J'ay grant dolour organ 6. La belle se siet au piet de la tour 2 voices, harp 7. Ce moys de may soyons lies et joyeux 3 voices, dulcian, gittern, fiddle 8. Je ne suy plus tel que souloye voice, lute, rebec 9. La dolce uista recorder, gittern, fiddle Je me complains piteusement 3 voices, shawm, gittern Bien veignes vous, amoureuse liesse harp, gittern, rebec Dona i ardenti ray 2 voices, dulcian, gittern, rebec Quel fronte signorille in paradiso 2 voices, lute Bon jour, bon mois, bon an et bonne estraine recorder, gittern, fiddle Estrines moy, je vous estrineray 2 voices, gittern, fiddle Je ne puis plus ce que y'ai peu harp, gittern, rebec Pour l'amour de ma doulce amye 3 voices He, compaignons, resvelons nous 2 voices, shawm, gittern, rebec, fiddle Adieu ces bons vins de Lannoys voice, shawm, gittern, fiddle Pour l'amour de ma doulce amye 2 voices, rebec Belle, veullies moy retenir voice, dulcian, gittern, fiddle Vergene bella, che di sol vestita voice, 2 fiddles Belle, vueilles vostre mercy donner 2 voices, dulcian, gittern, fiddle CD 3 1.

C'est bien raison de devoir essaucier voice, recorder, 2 fiddles 2.